Top New Fashion Trends

Corsets are the new trend!

Corsets are the new trend!

Fashion is always ever-changing and there are new trends every week. Winter can be a hard season on fashion just because of the variety of clothes and layers you can wear.

One of the biggest trends this season is faux-fur. Faux-fur jackets are everywhere! Which works out perfectly because it will keep you snuggly and warm through the whole season. You can also get faux-fur vests, coats, and bomber jackets so you can pick what you like.

Corsets are another new celebrity trend. You can pair a corset with a pencil skirt for a hot night out, or even wear it to work or just to hang out over a t-shirt. Corsets are not nearly as uncomfortable as most people think they are, and can help you cover your extra holiday weight up in style!

When a season as drab as winter comes along, you have to brighten it up yourself whatever way you can. This season, try painting your nails in a color that would brighten up your day. Green seems to be the in color for nails these days, being worn by celebrities everywhere, and even on the runaway. Chanel’s fall fashion line included models dressed head to toe in green tweed, including green nails.

Clothes aren’t the only things that go in and out of season really quick, accessories can make or break your outfit, and getting one of those big cocktail rings can be just the thing you need to dress up your outfits. Try wearing just one large cocktail ring instead of all your other jewelry. Kiera Knightly is a big fan of this look! In all her red carpet photos, she often dresses up her designer gowns with just one really big and pretty ring.

While black boots are an essential for all women everywhere, this season’s boots finally look different. Flat boots have finally made a comeback, which is perfect for New York City because walking to work in stilettos in ice and slush never ends well. Motorcycle boots are one of the biggest trends this season. You can go all out and spend $150 for a real pair of Harley Davison boots, or spend $40 at Wetseal to get this look. Also, over-the-knee boots are a favorite look this season. They can be paired either way, with a skirt or jeans, still look good, and keep you warm and cozy.

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