ACORN Did Nothing ‘Illegal’

acornAfter being hammered for purging thousands of eligible voters in Florida in 2000 in one of the biggest cases of election fraud of all time, Republicans countered by blaming the liberal group ACORN for any and all voting irregularities (of which there have been none).

Finally thinking they had something on ACORN when some amateur filmmakers candidly shot the ACORN employees advising them (while they were dressed as a pimp and his prostitute) on which paperwork to fill out to get help finding a place to stay, Republicans seized on the opportunity and quickly called for all federal funding to be pulled from ACORN.

Although the bill passed, the law prohibited the funding from being pulled and in all actuality the ACORN employees did nothing illegal, according to an internal report.

The report showed that while the employee’s actions confirmed a serious lack of management and training, nothing illegal was done.

Ironically, a debate ensued in the Senate after the ACORN debacle that Halliburton-KBR, who had illegally covered up one of their employees being gang raped by other employees, should have their funding stripped (along with any other company that condones rape) and 30 Republican Senators voted against the measure (how’s that for consistency?).

While ACORN has its demons, company has never been involved in any kind of voting irregularity. Several ACORN workers have been arrested around the country for filling out false voter registration cards but that stems not from malice but from the fact that ACORN pays its employees based on how many voters they register.

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