Former Senate Leader Joseph Bruno Guilty on 2 Counts

Convicted Felon Joseph Bruno

Convicted Felon Joseph Bruno

The New York Senate is one of the most corrupt political bodies in the country and two major court decisions this week have begun what will hopefully become a trend in putting corrupt politicians in their place.

After finding State Senator Hiram Monserrate guilty on assault charges stemming from a fight with his girlfriend that ended in him slashing her face (although he got off far too easy), a jury has found former Senate Majority Leader of 13 years Joseph Bruno guilty on two counts of corruption.

The former top state Republican faces 40 years in jail and $500,000 in fines when he is sentenced in March.

In a trial that was seen as a trial of the entire Albany system, Bruno was accused of mixing his private sector job with his political career. Bruno was found not guilty on five charges while the jury could not reach a verdict on an eighth and final charge which means that Bruno could be re-tried by the Feds.

The two charges that he was found guilty on were mail and wire fraud. One of the charges were in relation to his consulting business, the other in connection to a horse breeding partnership that he had.

In the first case, Bruno had received 11 payments from businessman Jared Abbruzzese which the jury confirmed were nothing but bribes. The second charge was a matter of Bruno not disclosing that he was a partner with Abbruzzese in breeding race horses.

Bruno will be sentenced this coming March.

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