What Lady GaGa Wore To Meet The Queen

Lady GaGa Meets the Queen

Lady GaGa Meets the Queen

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Lady GaGa, you would know she is not one for “normal” formal outfits. So what does one with Lady GaGa’s fashion sense wear to meat the queen of England? A red vinyl dress complete with red eye shadow raccoon eyes of course!

Lady GaGa is known for her crazy fashion sense, though she usually works it much better. This “toned down” version is not pretty. As a huge fan of Lady GaGa (both her music and her style), may I say that this outfit is not at all attractive? She may have had to ditch her usual skimpy flashy outfits in front of the queen – but she should have went with a different choice.

The 23-year-old New Yorker got to meet the queen at a variety show where she got to perform her song “Speechless” in front of the queen. She was banned from doing her usual act, which involved her ‘committing suicide’ then being covered with fake blood, so instead, the singer was hoisted 10-feet into the air and got to dance and writhe around on a piano (also suspended in the air) while wearing a red PVC cloak.

In an interview with 3am before the show, Lady GaGa said, “I wanted to do the suicide scene but was told it wouldn’t be appropriate. I’ve also had to tone things down generally, but it doesn’t matter because I’m a massive fan of the Queen – I was so excited and have even been practicing my curtsy. When I first came up with what I was doing, I said, ‘Oh my f***ing God. It’s fabulous, I hope the Queen likes it’. “

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