Bloomberg Vetoes Parking Grace Period Bill

Mayor Bloomberg...

Mayor Bloomberg...

Despite the fact that the New York City Council passed a bill that would allow a mere five minute grace period for people whose parking meter time has expired, the mayor has rebuffed an almost unanimous vote by representatives by vetoing the bill.

The bill would have given drivers a five minute grace period during alternate side parking and after their Muni-Meter time has expired. The bill would not have even applied to coin operated parking meters.

Alas, the mayor has once again gone against the will of the people (on a seemingly minor issue) and has denied the bill’s passage in yet another attempt to scrape all the dollars he can get out of New Yorkers’ wallets and into his budget.

Like the federal congress, the council does reserve the right to override the Mayor’s veto.

Although City Hall gave a number of excuses for vetoing the bill, the real reason Bloomberg stopped it was because it would impede with the city essentially stealing money from drivers.

Just last year, the city issued 300,000 alternate side parking violations within the first five minutes of the beginning of the period.

The ticketing is also being done by the NYPD. In the past, Department of Transportation employees have been the ones tasked with ticketing violators and would grant an official grace period but the city handed the duty over to the cops.

So is the way that the police system works in New York City. Just ask them about Stop-and-Frisk.

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