Best NYC Boat Tours

Boat Tours are a great way to experience NYC!

Boat Tours are a great way to experience NYC!

New York is filled with different waterways that people often ignore. But a boat tour can be one of the best ways to see some of those gorgeous New York City skyline views that people dream of seeing. Whether you are a tourist or a seasoned New Yorker, taking a boat tour can be an amazing experience.

Circle Line Full Island Cruise

This was voted the best tour on This cruise takes about three hours, but will take you all the way around Manhattan, offering views of all five boroughs and 20 different bridges.

Zephyr Yacht Harbor Cruise

This is the best tour if you are short on time. This tour offers you all the comfort of a yacht ride, while managing to show you amazing views of New York City and the Statue of Liberty in just an hour.

Circle Line Shark Speedboat

If you have kids of teenagers, this tour is the one for you. This tour actually takes place on an exciting speedboat, and is pretty quick. They take you around the waterways by Manhattan, and offer great close-up views of the Statue of Liberty.

The Water Taxi’s Hop On/Hop Off Service

A one-hour route that will take visitors on a tour of New York Harbor, including beautiful views of Governors Island and allows you to get on/off on various stops.

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