City Offers Free Swine Flu Shot To All, Until Saturday

Swine Flu Vaccine Loses Popularity in New York

Swine Flu Vaccine Loses Popularity in New York

Since the hype about swine flu has died down recently, the city has been getting less and less demands for the swine flu vaccine, and is going to stop giving out free shots this Saturday. However, until then, they are inviting everyone – regardless of age or health – to come receive the shot.

These shots are given out at free clinics, which were mainly created so that middle and high school students could receive free medical attention but are now also currently open to accommodate pregnant women, people ages 4 to 24, and people from 25 to 64 who have underlying health problems such as diabetes, asthma, or heart and lung conditions.

In just four weeks, 37,000 New Yorkers were vaccinated at the free clinics. However, last weekend, the demand suddenly fell to just 7,000 people, which is when the city made its decision to pull the vaccine.

Few New Yorkers have actually gotten the vaccine. There were approximately 2 million doses allocated to New York city, but according to the New York Times, fewer than 440,000 New Yorkers have actually been vaccinated, 97,845 of them children.

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