Mets Get Busy After GM Meetings

Jason Bay

Jason Bay

After a slow start, the New York Mets are very busy wheeling and dealing and are on the verge of signing outfielder Jason Bay.

According to ESPN, the Mets have made an offer to former Red Sox outfielder Jason Bay worth somewhere between $60 and $65 million, slightly more than Boston offered the star left fielder earlier in the offseason.

The Mets are also reportedly close to signing All-Star catcher Bengie Molina. According to ESPN, Molina has been looking a for a two year deal but the Mets are rumored to have only offered him a one-year contract worth around $6-$7 million.

Earlier this offseason the Mets signed backup catchers Chris Coste and Henry Blanco to small deals.

The Mets are also still looking for a starting pitcher, most likely a top of the rotation guy who can be a great number two behind ace Johan Santana.

Although the Mets were reportedly going to be frugal in their spending this offseason, the market has pushed them to become spenders.

Seeing Randy Wolf receive less than $10 million per year and Rich Harden sign for less than $7 million, the Mets are now confident that the market price for an all-star pitcher like John Lackey is reasonable enough to go after him.

The Mets have already spoken to Lackey and are also considering signing Jason Marquis, Joel Pinero, and Ben Sheets.

The Mets need to sign at least one starting pitcher, a power hitting outfielder, a catcher, and a first baseman. They are also looking to trade second baseman Luis Castillo, possibly to sign Orlando Hudson, the best fielding second baseman in the league.

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