'Tis The Season For Giving, NYC Charities

presentsIt’s that time of year again. And although many do not celebrate the holidays anymore because they are over-commercialized, there are plenty who can benefit from this season of over-spending. So if you plan to overspend this year, spend it in the right places.

NYC Cares – Winter Wishes Program

This program is trying to fulfill the wishes of 32,000 underprivileged New York Children. Yours could be the only presents they receive all year. Click the link above to see how you can participate.

Marble Church

This is a year-round charity that has all sorts of volunteer opportunities. This time of year, their volunteers wrap presents, serves food to the homeless on Christmas morning, and has volunteers visit the elderly.

Operation Santa Claus

This is the post-office program answers the letters of over 50,000 children who wrote letters to Santa Claus. The letters the children write can be beautiful, and this can be a wonderful experience for a family to share together.

City Harvest

This is another wonderful opportunity for families to get together and collect food that would feed the hungry. Kids can get their schools and friends involved by running a food drive.

Also check out local schools and collages who often have many different charity programs this time of year, such as food and toy drives.

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