MTA Cuts More Pay And Service

MTA busThe budget crisis in the MTA. is apparently deeper than we first thought. Though New Yorkers are being forced to pay crazy prices to ride public transportation, the MTA is going to slash the salaries of nearly 6,000 New Yorkers and cut service in order to fix the new gap of $340 million in the agency’s budget.

The cuts will take effect in April, according to the New York Times. They are planning to the W and Z lines, which are relatively minor, and waiting time will increase, particularly during the night, mid-day, weekends, evenings and late nights. The G and M lines will also be shortened.

Bus lines will also suffer. The plan is to cut 56 bus routes, who will either lose all service all together or just on weekends or certain week days. There will be reductions on 29 other bus lines.

The pay decrease will save $62 million a year, and will probably be “carried out through furloughs or though a paycheck lag, in which the authority would delay for months or even ears, paying workers part of their salaries.” Jay H. Walder, the chairman of the MTA suggested these cuts, and is also taking a pay cut. He currently makes $350,000 a year.

These cuts could last indefinitely.

If this does not help cover the MTA’s budget gap, once again, riders will have to make up for it, and there would be another fare hike.

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