Without Sanchez, Jets Face Challenge in Bucs

Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Jets QB Mark Sanchez

As soon as the Jets seemed to be getting on a roll, winning two straight games and improving their odds of making the playoffs, quarterback Mark Sanchez got hurt.

Although Sanchez had not been playing like anything more than a rookie quarterback, he had become an offensive leader and Rex Ryan’s new conservative offense served him well as he had a 62.5% completion percent in the last two games with a touchdown and one interception. Much better than the 53.2% completion rate and 1.5 interceptions per game that he has on the season.

Four-year veteran Kellen Clemens will get the start tomorrow against the Buccaneers and he has been nothing if not dreadful in career, putting up 5 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, and a 52% completion percentage.

With Sanchez out, the easiest of their four remaining games has become a challenge. With the 6-6 Falcons, undefeated Colts, and the 9-3 Bengals coming up next, the 1-11 Buccaneers will pose a serious threat to the Jets playoff chances which aren’t that great to begin with.

The Jets will hope that Clemens can do the same thing that Sanchez had begun to do, pass largely for short yardage to avoid being intercepted while running the ball a lot and hoping that the defense continues to stop teams in their tracks.

The Jets are also going into the Bucs game with cornerback Dwight Lowery out once again.

After a great start that was followed by a major downturn, the Jets find themselves once again in the playoff picture with minimal chances. The Jets are currently tied with the Dolphins with one game behind the division leading Patriots. The Jets and Dolphins, as well as the 6-6 Ravens, are also in the Wild Card race which is currently led by 8-4 Broncos and 7-5 Jaguars.

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