Homework Making Kids Nearsighted

velmaSchool kids everywhere can get up and cheer; it was finally proven that homework is harmful to one’s health. Research shows that homework is making kids nearsighted.

Kids these days have way too much homework! Students in first to sixth who attend rigorous schools are much more prone to developing myopia, or near-sightedness. Even children who do not have a family history of poor vision are developing myopia, according to prominent Upper East Side pediatric eye doctor, Mark Steele.

“There’s a correlation between private schools and nearsightedness,” Dr. Steele told The Post. “The kids in private school do more reading, and that puts them at increased risk. Youngsters doing a lot of reading tend to become nearsighted. The bulk of students get it between the ages of nine and 14.”

When nearsighted kids shows up in his Upper West Side office, Steele said, he often diagnoses them as “private school” or “selective magnet school.”

“Does your child go to Hunter College Elementary?” he jokes with parents, who often admit he’s right.

Kids with achy eyes and prescriptions for glasses often do hail from the city’s toughest schools, he said. “These schools screen for intelligent kids, who probably would have read more no matter what.”

“There’s been a huge shift toward more homework,” said Will Craig, educational director for Partners with Parents, a Manhattan-based tutoring firm. “Some homework in kindergarten is now expected almost across the spectrum.”

Is doing all this homework really worth it?

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