Does The NY Post Have Any Credibility Left?

NY Post "News" Paper

NY Post "News" Paper

Racial scandals and sex, two things that Rupert Murdoch’s New York City paper loves to put on the front pages are now the becoming the norm in the offices of the New York Post and has left many wondering if the paper has any credibility left at all.

First off, the Post has been engulfed in a couple of legal battles against two former employees who have alleged racial discrimination and harassment of African-Americans in the Post newsroom. The Post’s credibility was not helped last week when yet ANOTHER employee filed a suit against the newspaper charging the same things.

On the heels of lawsuits filed by former editor Sandra Guzman and veteran reporter Austin Fenner, 13-year veteran Ikimilusa Livingston (who is still working at the Post) has filed suit against her employer.

In the lawsuit, Guzman claims that she was taken off the Queens State Supreme Court beat, which she had been covering for years, based on her race and was replaced by a white reporter who had been demoted earlier for poor performance. Guzman says that this was one incident in a chain of events in which she was passed up for assignments for less experienced, white journalists.

She also claims that there was a number of racial incidents that involved former Post columnist Steve Dunleavy including one in which he openly called a black employee a “nigger.”

While the Post fights its legal battles over racism claims behind-the-scenes, they are not helping their reputation any in their own pages. The paper best known for their celebrity gossip column (Page Six) and lack of objective facts has now hired Ashley Dupre, the woman best known as the prostitute that Eliot Spitzer slept with, to be their sex columnist.

But hey, anything to sell papers. Right?

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