How To Avoid That After-Holiday Party Hangover

hangoverNow that you’ve got all of your holiday party outfits picked out, the only thing left to worry about is how to eradicate those pesky after party hangovers.

What is a hangover? A hangover is caused by a few different things. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it is a drug that flushes out the body’s liquids. One of the reasons a hangover occurs is because of dehydration.

So here’s a few tips on what to do to wake up headache-free and fresh faced the next morning!

1)   Drink on a full stomach – Food slows the absorption of alcohol, which means less of it hits your brain. Which means your brain won’t be pounding the next morning.

2)   Take some vitamin C before you go to bed – Alcohol tends to cause vitamin deficiencies, so… take some vitamins!

3)   When you wake up, drink plenty of juice and water to replenish those minerals your body is missing. AVOID CAFFEINE. Caffeine will just continue to dehydrate you, which is something you do not want to happen.

4)   Drink a sports drink – Gatorade or Powerade helps restore precious electrolytes – key to getting over a hangover.

5)   Mineral rich food, such as pickles – In Russia, Ukraine and Poland is it common to use pickles as a chaser, because they are packed with minerals. And Russians know a thing or two about drinking.

6)   Bloody Mary – You don’t even have to put alcohol in this if you don’t have any. The tomatoes and celery is what you need. Bloody Mary’s are full of vitamins, and there is something about tomatoes that just makes hangovers… better.

7)   Take a shower – But don’t just take a shower. Start out with a very hot shower, switch to very cold, then switch back to hot again.

Some of these take a little advanced preparing… so make sure you have everything you need at home before going out tonight!

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