Monsanto Food Company is Monopolizing the Business

soybeansIf you are an American and you eat, odds are that most of the food that you eat comes from seeds that are engineered by Monsanto, a company that has been trying to monopolize the market with questionable tactics.

If you think this doesn’t matter, just consider the fact that just about everything that we eat contains a soybean or corn product. Well, 95% of all soybeans and 80% of all corn grown in the United States come from seeds that use Monsanto’s patented genes.

If you still think it doesn’t matter, just wait till you see what you food is going to cost a few years from now.

For one, Monsanto prohibits anyone who grows crops using Monsanto’s patented genes from using any other types of genes in plants. And they do enforce this.

Secondly, owning 90% of all seed genetics operations in the United States, Monsanto has begun to raise the prices of their seeds and has planned even greater price increases in the next two years. With no real competition, Americans won’t have much choice in buying higher priced products that contain corn and soybean products (which is the overwhelming majority of them).

After increasing corn seed prices by 25 percent last year, Monsanto is planning to raise prices another seven percent next year.

At the same time, Monsanto increased the price of their soybean seeds even more last year and might raise the price another six percent next year.

With nearly a full monopoly on the seed business, the single most important staple of the food business, Monsanto is now being investigated by the Justice Department about their marketing practices that include exclusive contracts and seeds that kill the soil for any non-Monsanto grown products if a farmer wanted to stop growing Monsanto’s seeds.

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