Poll Numbers Look Good For Bill Thompson

Comptroller Bill Thompson

Comptroller Bill Thompson

Losing to New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg seems to be the best thing that has ever happened to New York Comptroller Bill Thompson. The man who was once the only guy stupid enough to run against Bloomberg and his bottomless wallet has now become a very serious contender for the Senate and Lieutenant Governor thanks to how close he made the election.

Having become a household name after nearly upsetting Bloomberg’s third-term bid despite being outspent 12-1, Thompson is now eyeing a future after his term as Comptroller ends and poll numbers are showing that the Senate race could be just the thing for him to drop his hat into.

A new Quinnipac poll has Bill Thompson leading incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (one of the weakest Democrats in the Senate after being picked by Governor Paterson to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) 41 percent to 28 percent.

Still, the bland Thompson might be better suited to run on Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial ticket where he would not have to carry a campaign on his own, something he had to do in the mayoral race.

With Rudy Giuliani seemingly out of the Senate race after taking a job with the 2016 Olympics, Thompson might actually have a shot whereas Gillibrand might not, especially since she isn’t as well known.

Meanwhile, Governor David Paterson’s poll numbers have improved somewhat since he began to advertise his campaign and took a very strong stand on the budget but would still, and in all likelihood will, lose to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic Primary.

Neither Paterson nor Gillibrand were ever elected to their office. Paterson was Eliot Spitzer’s second-in-command and took over when he resigned. Later, he picked Gillibrand to take over Clinton’s seat.

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