“Legal” Tap Water Still Deadly

dirty-waterEarlier this week we did a piece on the various illegal contaminants found in tap water all around the country but there is another side to this story. Because the EPA allows the legal dumping of dangerous chemicals into the water, all Americans are exposed to tap water that is fatally dangerous.

The problem is that the law regulating water is around 35 years old and only applies to about 91 chemicals while 60,000 different types of chemicals are dumped into our water supply.

The continuing water crisis in the United States is a direct result of the EPA not doing their job in controlling and regulating the water supply ever since the era of deregulation began under Reagan. Every president since, particularly George W. Bush, has had the EPA avoid their responsibilities.

In fact, despite the fact that there are more than 60,000 contaminants in the water, most have not been analyzed and may pose a significant risk.

Already there are millions who fall ill due to dirty, contaminated tap water.

In fairness, new EPA chief Lisa Jackson has made cleaning up the water supply a priority but she will have to go through congress to get anything of real substance done. Congress has not acted on her requests.

Jackson’s duty will be massive. She will have to institute new standards for the level of a contaminant found in a water system, add more contaminants to the list that is supposed to be regulated, and crack down on violators.

For the past decades, the the effect from the legal level of arsenic found in water has equaled more than 1,600 X-rays.

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