Train Wreck: Awful MTA Announces Plan To Make Things Worse

Aw, The Poor Transit Union...

Aw, The Poor Transit Union...

It’s tough to be a state agency that is among the most financially irresponsible and then endure a nearly $400 million budget cut but that is exactly what is going on with the MTA who will now be passing its financial irresponsibility woes onto New Yorkers. Meanwhile, transit workers will get a huge 11%+ raise.

In the MTA doomsday plan which will now take effect because of budget cuts (but more so because Albany can’t do math), the MTA will begin to get rid of free student metrocards, cutting two subway lines and dozens of bus routes, and laying off hundreds of workers.

Here is a breakdown of the MTA cuts for next year:

-replace 500,000 free student metrocards with half-fare cards

-cut the W and Z subway line while cutting the routes for the G and M lines

-cutting 52 bus routes

-get rid of door-to-door Access-A-Rides

-10% pay cut for administration

Why aren’t any workers getting pay cuts while countless New Yorkers have to find new, longer ways to get to work and paying for their children to commute to school?

Better yet, why are they getting 11.3% raises when commuters will have to start paying higher fares in 2011?!

Earlier this week, a state judge ruled that the MTA workers have to get their 11.3% raises as promised in their contract with the MTA.

So will the union make a sacrifice to help out the MTA and millions of New York commuters? Of course not.

It is going to be one fun year if you are a New York City commuter…

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  • Me

    This will cause students to not go to schools, and for the many people who cant get the extra money for train ride will start hopping…

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