What To Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas

A red Kathy Bag.. Perfect holiday present!

A red Kathy Bag.. Perfect holiday present!

It is that stressful holiday season… and picking out presents is the absolute worst. Most lists online are absolutely no help either. They all say the same thing: get something thoughtful, meaningful, etc. Sure, that is important, but it is equally important to a lot of girls that you get the right presents. So I have put together a list of stuff *almost all* girls would want (also, in case my boyfriend is reading: this is a hint!).

1) Kathy Bag – These are all the rage, and not all that expensive either (prices range from $80-$100), though you will have to call her best friend and find out which one she wants, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

2) Burberry Scarf & Glove Set – This is for those who have a bigger budget (buying from department stores can run you about $150), though if you have the time and resources check around outlet malls, you might be able to get a set for $60-$100. The simple elegance of Burberry draws nearly every girl in.

3) Take her shopping at Frederick’s of Hollywood – this is the gift that keeps on giving. Go with your girlfriend, pick out something that both of you like and enjoy your evening ;-) (p.s. They have amazing holiday sales)

4) Flannel Pajamas – These are super comfy, warm, and something you two can enjoy together. Put on your new pajamas and spend the night snuggling on the couch. This is a really sweet present, thoughtful and romantic.

5) MacBook Sleeve – Well, really any laptop sleeves. This present is thoughtful and practical… after all, women love their gadgets too, especially when they can decorate and “protect” them in pretty ways!

6) Swarovski Anything – This isn’t a real diamond, not nearly as expensive, though absolutely gorgeous. Women love Swarovski! Their website has a variety of choices, so you can personalize your present depending on your girlfriend. You can get her a Christmas tree set, jewelry, accessories (flash drives, headphones, wallets), or adorable little figurines. Any type of girl would go for this.

7) Herb Garden – For the girlfriend who is a chef or nature lover, something like this would be appreciated. Also, this is on the cheaper side, so you’ll love it too.

8) Pop Art Camera – For the artistic girlfriend. It’s cheap, thoughtful and practical… you can’t go wrong!

9) Merchandise based on her favorite book – For the bookworm. This will definitely be appreciated! Just ask her what her favorite book is, Google it, and get her a t-shirt, box, or toy. This is sweet and thoughtful.

10) Broadway Tickets – Take her out on a date! There are many websites that give out discounts, so find one and go!


AVOID gift certificates, they are impersonal. Unless you know for sure she likes a certain item of clothing, avoid getting that. If she wants clothing, take her shopping! Ask her friends what she would like if you want to make sure to get her something practical. Also, try to stay away from perfumes and bath sets.. girls do like them, but they are such generic Christmas gifts. Most girls get at least 2-3 a year. Make your present different.

Don’t forget to buy a BLANK card, and write something sweet inside. Girls love greeting cards… we always keep them and look at them, so make it good! Better yet, use a greeting card software and make her a personalized card. Also, instead of flowers this year, try edible arrangements! Fruit and chocolate and pretty? We’re all over it!

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