Worst Fashion Trends of the Decade

Celebrity Clothing line.. worst fashion trends?

Celebrity Clothing line.. worst fashion trends?

Another decade is going to be over soon… Which means that we can start making fun of this one! Check out the list of the decade’s worst fashion trends below (in no particular order.. just top 10).

1) Celebrity Clothing Lines

Every celebrity has had a clothing line within the last 10 years. J.Lo, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker… Though they do sometimes design nice clothes, few of the lines do that well. Except, it seems Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B… Proving you really have to be a creative fashionista to have your own line. Maybe the other celebs will get the hint in the coming decade?

2) The Retro Thing

This decade, more than any other, has relied on iconic fashions from other decades! Though we did go through a classy 40’s, and 50’s stage this decade, where is the originality? Have we really run out? Tracksuits, big prints, boho hippie style, bright legging (like in the 80’s), shoulder pads….. hopefully in the next decade we can come up with something our own!

3) Ugly Shoes

We have probably had the worst designed shoes this decade! Uggs, Crocs, Gladiator Sandals… and the fact that women wore flip-flops EVERYWHERE.

4) Designer Bag Obsession

Every year it seems like everyone was wearing a particular overly-expensive, kinda ugly, designer bags. There were the Louis Vuitton printed bags, then the Coach bags… and everyone seemed to have one! All bags looked alike.

5) Leggings as pants

These are a popular one. At first, leggings seemed okay.. paired with some cute flats and a tunic top and you got a cute look. Then… for some reason girls started wearing leggings instead of pants. Leaving everything hanging out. With a tiny shirt. Not pretty.

6) Destroyed Designer Jeans

How does it make any sense at all to spend $200 on a pair of designer jeans with holes in them??

7) Juicy Tracksuits

These awful things cost about $200, and there was no where to get away from them! All girls had one, or more, in different colors. Thankfully, the trend seems to have died down in recent years.

What do you think is the worst trend in fashion this decade?

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