Balenciaga Sues Steve Madden

Right: Steve Madden Version, Left: Balenciaga's original

Right: Steve Madden Version, Left: Balenciaga's original

High-end fashion line Balenciaga is suing Steve Madden for allegedly stealing their label’s multicolored Lego heels from the 2007 collection.

In the lawsuit, Balenciaga’s complaint states that the Steve Madden company “intentionally copied” the fall 2007 design, which first became popular when Beyonce wore them to the American Music Awards in November 2007.

The original designer pair of shoes cost $4,175, while the Steve Madden version costs $99.95, which is approximately only 2 percent of the original price.

This isn’t the first time Steve Madden has gotten sued. This October, Alexander McQueen also sued Steve Madden over a bootie design that was allegedly taken from McQueen’s ‘Faithful’ collection. McQueen’s lawyers sent a cease and desist order to Madden in September, but the company refuses to stop making the shoe.

Companies like Steve Madden have always been making knock-offs that available for much cheaper prices. Isn’t that why we shop at a mall rather than designer boutiques? The same styles for 2 percent of the price!

Do you think Madden will learn their lesson this time, or will they keep making more shoes like this?

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