Most Stylish Celebs Of The 2000s

Michelle ObamaNow that this decade is almost up, it time to seriously consider who we will name as our fashion idols, because this is how we will remember 2000s fashion forever. We had a lot of mishaps (juicy suits, Uggs, Crocs… to name a few), but we also had many beautifully designed clothes. So who wore them best?

1) Dita Von Teese – Definitely a contender for the title of best dressed. Reaching new heights of fame in the last few years, more people have started to take notice of her outfits. Von Teese is not the type of woman to be caught in jeans and a t-shirt. If she is outdoors, she’s usually sporting some sort of vintage dress, heels, and red lipstick.

2) Chloe Sevigny – She started out working in fashion in the 90’s, so she really knows her stuff. She never shows up to a premiere looking less than perfect.

3) Sophia Coppola – She is an actress, director and fashion model who look absolutely fabulous everywhere she goes.

4) Jennifer Lopez – She first became a style icon when she wore that low-cut green dress, and has since started her own fashion line, continued to wear the latest designer gowns, and became a fashion role model for many.

5) Queen Rania of Jordan – Who knows how to dress regally, classically and stylishly, inspiring millions.

6) Nicole Kidman – Whether she is wearing a suit to an awards show or a classic gown, she rarely ever makes a fashion faux pas.

7) Gwen Stefani – The rocker mom is always looking fierce! Her fashion sense has been admired since No Doubt debuted in the early 90’s, but she has not let us down in this decade either. She launched her own line, L.A.M.B., which is one of the few celebrity lines that is doing well. Her unique fashion sense definitely makes her one of the best dressed of the 2000s.

8) Emma Watson – She was an awkwardly dressed child when we first saw her, but she has grown into a model fashionista by the end of the decade. She loves wearing high-end designers on the red carpet, and even became the face of the Burberry campaign recently.

9) Kate Moss – She is the supermodel with an unlimited choice of designer duds to wear every day, is there even a chance she won’t make every best dressed list??

10) Michelle Obama – The lady of the hour! Ever since the public first saw her two years ago, we have been fascinated by her choice of outfits. She loves to wear smaller designers and make them even more famous. And she works it.

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