What To Do With All The Snow

Ice skatingSnow can be wonderful… if you don’t live in the city. There’s skiing, snowboarding, sledding, making snowmen and snow angels.. but when you live in the city, there’s no room to do all this! So… what can you do when there’s this much snow out?

1) Go to Central Park, Prospect Park, or any other park.

Bring your kids! Kids can sled in the park, make snowmen, snow angels, and have snowball fights! This is pretty much the only place in the city where you can engage in traditional snow time fun.

2) Make snow art!

Buy cheap acrylic paints, and get each of your kids (and you!) and spray bottle with each color. Go outside and squirt in the snow, coloring it and make gorgeous pictures and works of art right there. Don’t forget to take pictures!

3) Ice Skating

This is probably the best time to head over to those outdoor rinks. Ice skating in this weather makes it romantic and picturesque!

4) Find an unused parking lot/schoolyard

Unused means there’s space to build snowmen and have snowball fights!

5) Take pictures!

Take a walk around your neighborhood with your camera and document what everything looks like covered in snow! It’s so rare that snow sticks here in New York City; most of the time we just have slush or ice, or enjoy it! Create some winter-y greeting cards to send to friends and family.

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