Senate Dems Water Down Bill, Buy Votes for Healthcare

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

As expected, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats managed to water down the healthcare reform bill enough to get the support of the party’s “moderate” wing while also buying all of the votes that they needed to stop a Republican filibuster.

While the healthcare lobby spent $600 million getting the bill to where the insurance companies want it to be, Harry Reid and the gang used taxpayer money to buy votes for a lousy bill. Here’s a look at just some of the earmarks included in the bill:

-$300 million in extra Medicare funding for Senator Mary Landrieu’s home state of Louisiana

-$100 million in extra Medicare spending for Senator Ben Nelson’s home state of Nebraska after Nelson pointed out that his vote wasn’t for sale

-Funding for healthcare for everyone who lives in the vicinity of an asbestos mine in a small town in Senator Max Baucus’ home state of Montana

-Special provisions for three counties in Senator Bill Nelson’s home state of Florida that will allow the seniors living there to keep Medicare Advantage

-$100 million to build a new university hospital in Senator Chris Dodd’s homes state of Connecticut

-An extra $10 billion for community health centers to keep Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders from defecting due to the ineffectiveness of the bill

Those weren’t the only victors in the Senate healthcare reform bill, the real winners were the healthcare companies. While Democrats made the case that this compromise was a necessary action and the healthcare system will greatly improve, healthcare company stocks shot up to their 52-year high.

Wall Street certainly knows who this bill is really helping, who do you think the new and watered down version of healthcare reform helps?

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