NYC Wastes Tens of Millions on Pot Arrests, 12% of All Arrests Are Marijuana Charges

Mayor Bloomberg...

Mayor Bloomberg...

For all the talk about crime statistics in New York City, the irony of all ironies is that the taxpayer is charged tens of millions of dollars every year so that cops can arrest people for harmlessly smoking a pot.

According to a recent study, around 12% of all arrests in New York City are on marijuana charges, something that was rarely done until Rudy Giuliani and, even more so, Michael Bloomberg installed policies to make their crime statistics look good by going after pot smokers.

Of course the crime stats improved under Giuliani and Bloomberg, the two mayors saw marijuana arrests surge from under 1,000 marijuana arrests per year under Mayor David Dinkins to a whopping 40,000+ last year!

Bloomberg, who has himself admitted to enjoying marijuana in his younger years, has boasted about improving the city’s crime statistics on top of what happened under Giuliani but that is because under Mayor Mike, the city has been arresting 12,000 more people every year for pot than under Rudy.

A recent study featured in the New York Times showed some interesting statistics resulting the city’s war on pot.

For one, while Giuliani did not go that overboard with pot arrests, the very lowest-level pot arrests jumped by more than 50% under Bloomberg!

Even more interesting is the racial divide in these cases. Of the 40,000+ arrested for marijuana charges last year, nearly 90% were black or hispanic.

Just to show how ridiculous Mayor Mike’s policy has been on marijuana, in 2008 alone, the city arrested more people for marijuana charges than in in 12 years of Mayor Ed Koch, four years of Dinkins, and the first two years of Giuliani COMBINED!

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