Hottest Tights To Have For Winter

TightsDifferent types of tights are all the rage these days. So which ones do you pick? Luckily, the choices this season suit every personality and personal style.

1) Lace Tights – Can be found in H&M as well as other stores. They look great with any type of shoes, booties, and little black dresses.

2) Sweater Tights – These are nice and warm, perfect for the season. They look great with pumps, or knee-high boots. Pair them with wool or denim skirts.

3) Ripped Tights (and leggings) – These have been all the rage since the summer. Those black leggings that are ripped from top to bottom… they look pretty good paired with some flats, and a denim skirt.

4) Leopard Print – Leopard Print has been in style for the last 2 years, and everything from jackets to shoes have been coming out in various colors and always in leopard print. Tights are no exception.

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