Spring Will Be Classy

Supermodel and fashion icon Agyness Deyn

Supermodel and fashion icon Agyness Deyn

The snow has barely melted and there will probably be more to come, but the fashion world is already looking towards spring.

The New York Times reports that the look for spring will be sort of mannish, involving lots of over-sized t-shirts, boyfriend blazers, worn jeans and biker jackets.

Though the New York Times style section is often behind the times when it comes to reporting trends, their new prediction offers a bit of hope. Fashion magazines have their spring fashion issues coming out in February, trying to hoard as many different styles and outfits as they possibly can hoping one of them will catch on for spring.

Most of there will involve flowers and ruffles, and lots of tube tops and mini-skirts, basically stuff that New York City Magazine (and I) call skankwear.

Fashion magazines rarely show clothes that women actually wear, or would like to wear. Most of the stuff featured is overly expensive, and completely unwearable.  Most women prefer what Agyness Deyn is wearing, which is t-shirts, jeans, and that overall androgynous look.

Though fashion magazines will probably predict florals and ruffles and tons of girly stuff, it’ll be way off from what women are actually wearing.

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