SUNY Wastes Money, Paterson Not Cutting Costs

David Paterson

David Paterson

This year, CUNY and SUNY colleges have both raised tuition, cut classes, stopped hiring adjuncts, and in general have tried to cut costs everywhere they can. Well, the Daily News is reporting that while students are paying tons more in fees and tuition, SUNY has spent $29.9 paying overtime through November of this fiscal year (which does not end until March 31).

This new finding means that SUNY is exceeding last year’s total, while other schools have cut overtime.

SUNY spokesman David Belsky said new Chancellor Nancy Zimpher is trying to develop a system-wide plan to cut costs “through greater innovation and reduced bureaucracy.”

SUNY “sees its strategic planning process as an opportunity to gather information about its assets and resources, and to generate ideas that will help us align those resources with the economic needs of our state,” Belsky said.

Belsky also pointed out that since April 2008, SUNY has lost more than $424 million in state subsidies, despite the fact that SUNY is boasting about having thousands of more students every semester.

In one instance, Farmingdale College paid out $134,540 last year in combined overtime to their supervisor of grounds and two grounds workers. Their overtime pay actually topped what the three earn in combined base pay, which is a pretty decent $112,519.

SUNY also has 28 different campus police departments, each one having its own administrations, requisition policies, guidelines, uniforms and insignias. The report shows that there are 27 different police chiefs and 20 deputy or assistant police chiefs on the SUNY payroll who make a combined $4.4 million. Most of them make over $100,000 a year.

The report shows that if the SUNY police system were to be consolidated, it could save the entire state $3 million.

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