Terrorists Win As Gov’t Sets Up New Restrictions On Flyers

airportAs terrorists continue to try to attack innocent people all around the world, the United States government continues to cave and allow their actions to greatly influence the way Americans live.

After already having installed a number of ridiculous policies at the airport such as making people take their shoes off and restrictions on liquids, the government has stepped up restrictions even more after a failed attack on a plane headed to Detroit and airlines are already bracing themselves for inevitable loses in customers.

What are the restrictions? The government has refused to release any details to “prevent terrorists from finding out about them” but here are a few things that have already begun to be enforced:

According to the Associated Press: “On one Air Canada flight from Toronto to New York’s La Guardia Airport the crew told passengers before departure that in addition to remaining in their seats for the duration of one-hour flight, they were not allowed to use any electronic devices – even iPods – or their own headphones. The crew also told passengers that they would not be able to access their personal belongings because of the ‘enhanced security procedures.’”

This one is my favorite (and most ridiculous): “Over the weekend, travelers on incoming international flights said that during the final hour, attendants removed blankets, banned opening overhead bins, and told passengers to stay in their seats with their hands in plain sight.”

Remember how awful flying used to be? Well it’s that much worse now.

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