Top 10 Reasons NYC New Year’s Sucks

NYC BALLYou’d think that living in the biggest and most active city in the world would mean we all party our heads off on New Years, but no. Most New Yorkers don’t really do anything for New Years at all, and if they do, it always turns out to be a disappointment. Of course, there are those of us who will be partying and living the dream, but truth be told, most people stay at home or leave the city for this travesty of a holiday, and here are the top 10 reasons why New Years in NYC is overrated:

1) Super Crowded Everywhere – In an attempt to make every New Years less disappointing than the last, New Yorkers head for their favorite bars, restaurants and hangouts – which means that there are easily 500 people trying to get into any place that looks decent on New Years. Oh, and when that happens, service sucks, and food and alcohol and sometimes run out. Not to mention how expensive all the food suddenly becomes…

2) Impossible to get to the store – So many people are driving here, there, and everywhere that you can’t even manage to drive to a store, a friends house, or anywhere.

3) Times Square Full Of More Tourists Than Ever – It’s a known fact that New Yorkers hate silly tourists in Times Square, especially the ones who actually stop and hold up street traffic to stare and take pictures. Well, that is all that happens on New Years. Except to the entire city.

4) Impossible to get on public transportation – It will be crowded, everything will be late, and women: there will be at least 20 drunk guys on every bus that WILL make you uncomfertable.

5) Impossible to get a cab or car service – This is the busiest day of the year for them! And with thousands of people to take home, believe me, they will never get to you. And, they overcharge on New Years. A ride that would normally cost $7, suddenly surges to $25, leaving you broke and/or stranded.

6) Ryan Seacrest now hosts ‘Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve’ – ‘Nuff said.

7) Police everywhere – EVERYWHERE. You can’t get away with anything on New Years, especially not in Manhattan. Well, i’m lying, you CAN get away with plenty, but if the cops notice, you’re screwed.

8) Slightly dangerous to be outside – Mostly because so many people are drunk, and out to pick fights.

9) Everyone’s expectations are way too high – New Year’s eve is supposed to be amazing, new, you have to get kissed, and have fun, etc. But it never goes that way. Which leaves most of us kind of sad the next morning — so remember, that most of the time, plans don’t work out so don’t count on them. This will make your evening much better.

10) It is almost always WAY too cold to do anything – New York City doesn’t usually get TOO cold… except on New Years. The last few years, New Years has been absolutely freezing – making most plans un-do-able.

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