NYC Murder Rate at Record Low

NYC's Army

NYC's Army

Say what you will about New York City turning into a police state (and I’ve said plenty) but it does work. According to the New York Times, New York City is on pace to have its lowest murder rate on record.

The Times reports that by December 27, the city had 461 murders, 35 less than the city had in 2007 when the city had less than 500 murders for the first time.

Pretty good considering as recently as 1990 the city saw more than 2,200 murders in one year.

At the same time, the city’s current deficit will undoubtedly lead to thousands of the NYPD’s massive police force getting laid off which could lead to a slight increase in the rate.

On the other hand, murder rates have fallen greatly all over the country. The FBI is reporting that the murder rate around the country has fallen by 10% (New York City’s has fallen by 19%).

Other cities where crime has fallen greatly include Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. The biggest drop was seen in Los Angeles whose murder rate fell by nearly 30% in the first half of this year.

The Mayor’s office has linked the fall in murders to tighter gun control policies, a link that is hard to deny.

Here is a look at how New York City’s murder rates have looked over the last two decades:

1990: 2,245 (record high)

1995: 1,200+

2000: 700

2005: 539

2006: 596

2007: 496

2008: 522

2009: 461+

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