Secret TSA Rules Are a Mystery to Airlines, Airports, Flyers

airport2Reports of new security measures that airports and airlines have allegedly adopted since the attempted Christmas terrorist attack have been flooding in while other airports and airlines have shown no change. What are the new rules? How will they affect you? Why doesn’t the TSA have a chief yet?

Reports of new (absolutely ridiculous) TSA restrictions have included airlines taking away people’s blankets in the final hour of the flight, shutting down the in-flight movie, prohibiting the use of iPods and laptops, bans on moving around the cabin in the final hour of the flight. Other airports and airlines, meanwhile, have done seemingly nothing.

The TSA has not been much help in helping flyers figure out what they can and can’t do and it doesn’t help that South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint has held up Obama’s nomination for TSA chief to prevent unionization.

In any case, here is how these new, random, and unnecessary rule changes apply to you:

-New restrictions apply particularly to international flights headed into the United States.

-Canada to US flights are reportedly being particularly singled out.

-The pre-flight screenings have been taking insane amounts of time including a Toronto-Los Angeles flight whose pre-flight screening took 10 hours.

-If you are stuck in a screening line like the one above, be warned that no water, bathroom breaks, or food are available.

Basically, the United States government has not only changed the way we live our lives yet again but has failed in drawing up a coherent policy in making us “safe” at airports.

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