Best Places To Buy Dresses

Dresses from Wetseal are a great and cheap alternative!

Dresses from Wetseal are a great and cheap alternative!

Most women living in NYC spend a lot of time going out — which is why we need many, many dresses. So where are the best places to shop?

Topshop – We are so lucky that they finally opened a store in NYC, and New Yorkers have not been shy to reap the benefits. Their website is pretty great, and they offer a wide selection of dresses that range from borderline expensive to super expensive. If you were one of the lucky ones that got a holiday bonus, invest it in a dress from Topshop.

Wetseal – They have all the trends, the best dresses of the season, for SUPER CHEAP. I’m talking $15-$30 cheap. Their dresses are pretty sturdy as well, despite what most people say about cheap dresses. They have everything you need, from this season’s super popular sequined dresses, to print dresses, and even classy little black dresses.

Forever 21 – Like Wetseal, they also offer amazing deals on the hottest dresses. They have tons of designer knock-offs (hey, they’ve been sued enough times but it never stops them), which means they are always up to speed on every dress trend. Plus they have great cheap shoes and stocking to go with each dress.

Urban Outfitters – They have slightly more original hipster-y dresses and that is awesome if you want to stand out at parties, though they are a little expensive. Their prices range from $40 -$150, so look through the sale section, but they are one of the few places to get a really cool looking dress for cheap-ish.

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