Combat Boots Deemed The Best Footwear, Especially in NYC

CombatBootsThe new look for this winter and spring has been decided, and these next seasons are all about androgyny. Motorcycle jackets, leather leggings, over sized t-shirts, and combat boots. Combat boots are awesome, they’re warm, wonderful to walk in when there is snow or ice outside, protect you from rain and puddles, and last forever.

Here are a few options if you’re looking into buying combat boots:

Classic Doc Matens – Cost $150.00, but last years and come in all different colors, styles and shapes.

Volatile Combat boots – A great option for those of us who don’t wear leather, but still like the classic combat boot look. They come at an affordable price. The only downside is the man made materials used to make these usually wear through after a few years.

Military Combat boots – This website has military combat boots, which don’t differ much in colors and styles, but are incredibly reliable, and have super great traction, so if you are deathly afraid of ice or live somewhere cold, these are the best option for you.

Rocker Combat boots – If you wanna go all out, goth stores are the best. They have knee-high combat boots, with all sorts of buckles and laces for design. These are actually pretty good for the winter, and super sturdy for all weather.

2 comments to Combat Boots Deemed The Best Footwear, Especially in NYC

  • Art

    are there any other stores–aside from goth stores– that have combat boots?

  • SGTHutch

    Any Surplus store, or a flea market will have these. The going rate is $15 fro small, and $20-40 for like a 12-13and up. mens szes.

    I have had the same pair of boots (german) since the wall came down, and I am wearing them right now. THey will outlast you.

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