Newark Airport To Get Full Body X-Ray Screeners

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

While full body X-Ray scanning machines have been popping up around the country, New Jersey’s Newark airport will be the first airport in the Northeast to install these controversial machines at their security checkpoints on the heels of the botched Christmas terrorist attack.

Costing at $170,000 each, officials hope that these machines will prevent exactly the type of attack as was nearly carried out by the “Underwear Bomber.”

The machines will be set up in Newark’s terminal B, home of all of the airport’s international flights as well as domestic flights by companies like Delta and Northwest.

The TSA, airlines, and law enforcement agencies have been in a state of panic since the near-attack and the move to begin installing more f these full body X-Rays is just another attempt for the TSA (who has been without the head all year thanks to a hold by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint) to create a sense of security at airports.

In truth, many people have been decrying the various measures taken by TSA since Christmas because the new, “secret” rules have been overkill and unnecessary. Similar is the case with the full body screening machine, which apart from being unnecessary has also been deemed a violation of people’s rights.

It is hard to argue with the ACLU’s assessment of these machines as a virtual strip search. Without any probable cause, every flier would be subject to a full body screening from an unseen TSA employee.

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