Robinson Leads Knicks To Win In Return

Nate Robinson is back!

Nate Robinson is back!

It has been so long since Nate Robinson saw any game action that he didn’t even budge when his name was called to come off the bench. Robinson had been riding the bench for a month, ever since the moment he came off the Knicks bench and scored a basket in his own hoop, but not two hours later the backup guard had scored 41 points and led the Knicks to a hardly fought overtime victory against the Atlanta Hawks.

Of the Knicks’ 13 points in overtime, 11 were scored by Robinson.

Robinson has apparently served his time in coach Mike D’Antoni’s mind and, despite trade rumors, appears to be back as a key roleplayer for the Knicks.

Although Robinson is seldom a starter, he trails only Manu Ginobli and Ben Gordon for most 30-point games off the bench since Robinson first went Pro in 20005.

In total, Nate the Great scored 41 points along with eight assists, 6 rebounds, and a steal.

It was a nice moment for Robinson and the Knicks but hardly depicting of how the Knicks’ season has gone.

The win moved the Knicks to just 13-20 (though still much better than division rivals New Jersey Nets and Philadelphia 76ers) and are still 11 games back of division leading Celtics (the only team with a record over .500 in the miserable Atlantic Division.

Still, the team is playing considerably better than they were in the beginning of the season. They are 4-3 in their last seven games and will face off against the Pacers, Bobcats, and Rockets this coming week.

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