MTA Bus Drivers Get Added Protection…Sort Of

MTA Bus Partition

MTA Bus Partition

In response to the fatal stabbing of a B46 bus driver about a year ago, the MTA has begun to install partitions that would shield the driver from any potential danger…except not really.

The first 100 partitions have been installed on B46 buses as a way to test the effectiveness of the idea but just looking at photos of the partition it is hard to see how the glass barrier actual adds security.

The partition itself cover the area that until now was only protected by a metal bar that drivers had to pick up to leave their seat. Now drivers will have to use a thin metal and glass door.

While the door may give more drivers peace of mind, nothing actually covers the area over the farebox. Really, nothing is covered between the door and the windshield. Leave it to the MTA to install a security partition that does not actually protect the drivers from bodily harm.

Still, drivers didn’t mind just having any sort of protection there considering that there was none before. The lack of security on buses (as opposed to train conductors that operate inside a closed off area) has resulted in well over 300 assaults on bus drivers this year, many of them involving spitting.

Anyone who has seen the verbal or physical assaults of bus drivers on any given day knows that the partition can’t hurt…but it doesn’t seem to help too much either.

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