NFL Playoffs Kick Off Saturday

revisWith the season having wrapped up, the NFL Playoffs will begin this Saturday as the New York Jets will kick off a month of football action featuring the absolute best that the NFL has to offer. Here is part one of the NFL Playoff Breakdown, featuring the AFC.

Colts (14-2)

The Colts were undefeated for the first 14 games of the season and could have easily went 16-0 but chose to rest their starters. Although they have the league’s best record and a first round bye, the Colts have only the 7th ranked offense in the NFL and 8th best defense.

Chargers (13-3)

The Chargers are definitely a team to watch out for as they have won their last 11 consecutive games. Still, the team is ranked only 11th in defense but 4th in offense. They will face the highest seeded winner of the first round games.

Patriots (10-6)

The Patriots squeaked into the playoffs in one of their least impressive years and will have the hardest time. The team is going into their first round game againt the Baltimore Ravens without receiver Wes Welker who obliterated his knee in the final game of the season and more so, the team is iffy on Tom Brady who has been playing hurt most of the year and has three broken ribs and a broken ring finger.

Bengals (10-6)

The Bengals were great in the first half, not that great in the second half, and awful in their final game of the season as they were destroyed 37-0 by the New York Jets. Ironically, the Jets are their first round opponent, something that doesn’t bode well for them.

Jets (9-7)

Although the Jets had one of the hardest times making it to the playoffs after sitting on a 4-6 record ten games into the season, the Jets enter the playoffs on a roll, having won 5 of their last 6 games, and have finished the year with the best rushing offense and best overall defense in the league. If rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez can keep the mistakes at a minimum, the Jets are a force to be reckoned with.

Ravens (9-7)

The Ravens are another good sleeper team. With the 3rd best defense in the league and the 10th best offense, the run heavy team is the favorite to defeat at least the banged up Patriots in their first round game.

AFC Schedule:

Jets at Bengals: Saturday, Jan. 9 at 4 PM

Ravens at Patriots Sunday, Jan. 10 at 1 PM

Colts, Chargers: Bye Week

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