Paterson Preaches Ethics In State Of The State Address

Gov. David Paterson

Gov. David Paterson

Despite the fact that David Paterson is a widely unpopular governor on his way out and despite the fact that the New York State legislature is a bevy of corruption, the governor used his State of the State address to legislators to discuss ethics and vowed to bring reform to Albany.

On the heels of former State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno being found guilty on several felony counts and current State Senator (though likely not for long) Hiram Monserrate being found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend, a push to bring some sort of ethics into a chamber otherwise filled with crooks might seem like a good idea. Not so to the legislators.

According to the Daily News, “Lawmakers in both houses, who are negotiating a different version of an ethics bill, and advocates say the plan has virtually no chance of passing.”

Paterson was particularly after special interest groups who have derailed most of Paterson’s plans, including necessary budget cuts and other legislative ventures. “They have routinely demanded special treatment without any regard for others,” Paterson said.”The reality is that there is no moral high ground … trampling on others to get there and there is nothing lower than engaging in the currency of influence to the detriment of other New Yorkers.”

No special interest influence in Albany? Cute.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who will challenge Paterson in the primaries later this year, stated what all of us were thinking after the speech when he said that Paterson hit all the right themes but it is not likely that we will see all of this talk be put into action.

Especially with a State Senate that has been nothing but a thorn in the side of justice for decades.

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