Jets Set To Begin Unlikely Playoff Run

Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis

With a record of 4-6, the Jets were feeling down and out after losing three straight games and were stuck in a rut with most of the season behind them. Then, despite a problematic quarterback that is prone to the turnover, the Jets defied the odds and won five of their next six, defeating two playoff teams.

Whatever Sanchez’s problems may be, the Jets are in the playoffs today because everyone else on the field is a top notch player. From owning one of the best offensive lines in the league, the top running game in the NFL, the single best defense in the league, and arguably the best special teams as well.

Regardless of how many turnovers a quarterback causes or how unreliable he is, a team with nearly 2,800 rushing yards and less than 15 points per game allowed has to make it into the playoffs.

Any team with those attributes has to be a force in the playoffs. And there the Jets are, having won five of their last six, this team actually has a good shot at going all the way.

The Jets have already shown that they can not just beat but destroy the Cincinnati Bengals, their week 17 opponent and Wild Card Week opponent. Still, the Bengals were resting Cedric Benson, their biggest offensive weapon, had a hurt Chad Ochocinco (Chad Johnson, if Darelle Revis has anything to do with it), and were pretty much resting as they already knew their playoff fate going into the game.

The odds makers have Cincinnati favored by two points but if the Jets can keep Mark Sanchez from making any more fatal errors, the Jets defense should stop the Bengals easily enough. If not, the Bengals’ excellent defense could run circles around Gang Green.

Be sure to tune into NBC this Saturday at 4 PM for kickoff!

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