MTA Drops Student MetroCard Cuts, Wants Bus Lane Cameras

MTA Chief Jay Walder

MTA Chief Jay Walder

MTA chief Jay Walder has been busy these last few weeks trying to sort out the department’s financial mess but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to squeeze another dollar out of taxpayers’ pockets.

According to NY1, the head of the MTA has been lobbying the state to authorize the installation of bus lane cameras that would snap pictures of cars that blocked the lane.

The cameras would be similar to the traffic light cameras that are in place all over the city now that snap a picture of your car if you run a red light and then send you the photo along with a hefty fine.

Meanwhile, the MTA has backed off its planned cuts of free student Metrocards after a massive outcry against the plan. People fighting to keep the MTA for charging students who need to travel to school were joined by newly re-elected City Council Speaker Christine Quinn who helped the push back as did Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the two big student protests of the plan.

Although this comes as good news for the city’s students and their parents, the MTA still needs to figure out effective cost cutting measures. The original plan was to axe around half a million free Metrocards this year and get rid of them altogether next year.

With the MTA not being able to cut costs among its personnel thanks to the stranglehold that the MTA workers union has on the agency, this likely means even more service cuts.

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