This Week in Review: Jan. 9

Here are some stories you might have missed this week.

Rudy Giuliani claims there was no terrorist attack under George Bush.

How does that guy who mentions 9/11 in every sentence forget about the terrorist attack that happened under Bush? The guys’ whole post-2000 career is based on that one terrorist attack!

New Jersey State Senate Voted Down Gay Marriage Bill

Not surprisingly, the New Jersey State Senate voted down gay marriage in the state, a bill that would have been vetoed by incoming Republican Governor Chris Christie anyway. The final vote was 20-14 against the measure.

Christine Quinn Re-Elected As Council Speaker

Quinn was re-elected by a landslide of 48-1 over Councilman Charles Barron, the only person to vote against Quinn.

Long Island Tragedy in Kenya

A Long Island woman and her one-year-old daughter were trampled to death by an elephant while on a trip to Kenya this week. The woman’s husband and three others survived the surprise elephant attack.

Security For Terror Trials Means Big Expenses

The Bloomberg Administration released an estimate for what they expect security for the upcoming terror trials in New York City will cost. The price? A mere $200 million per year!

Democrats’ Woes Continue

As if the Democrats weren’t in enough trouble, the party saw four of its members announce that they would not be seeking re-election. The four members are long time Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

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