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lingerieEvery woman loves to buy lingerie … there’s no better feeling on earth than new bras and panties, even if you don’t have anyone to wear them for but yourself. But lingerie can get expensive… so you have to know where to shop!


There are locations all over New York City. This store not only has lingerie but clothes, beauty products and toys. However, they have all the same designs for bras and panties as any other store, but much much MUCH cheaper! Bras cost around $2.99-$3.99 and panties cost about a dollar. They also have teddys in any and every style that are around $5.00. The quality isn’t cheap either, most of them are cotton, and it lasts a while. Oh, also, they carry tons of different sizes, which is an added bonus as most department stores never carry bras bigger than a C cup.


Slightly more expensive than the others, but still reasonable. Bras range from $14.00 to $18.00, but they have a HUGE variety to choose from. Underwear is $2.99 – $5.00 (for some pairs) but they also have a lot of different choices to pick from. They also have a wider arrangement of bedroom lingerie such a teddys, body suits, garter belts and the like. They usually have holiday sales so I definitely recommend checking them out then!

Century 21

This is a great choice because they, like Conway, carry a ton of different sizes for those of us who don’t fit into the department store choices. Bras differ in prices, but none are too unreasonable.

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