Snooki From Jersey Shore Criticized For Promoting Tanning

Snooki from reality television show, "Jersey Shore"

Snooki from reality television show, "Jersey Shore"

Retarded “guidette” Snooki, from MTV’s most popular current television show, Jersey Shore, is now being criticized for announcing that she would like to make the world a better place by installing tanning beds in everyone’s homes… because this is apparently the worst thing she has ever said (or done).

The reality TV star made this announcement on her appearance on The Jay Leno Show this week.

Officials at the Parents Television Council who are taking the show way too seriously are pulling their hair out over Snooki’s statements, since studies show indoor tanning is as bad for you as smoking cigarettes.

Marybeth Hicks, of the Council, berated the sun-kissed self-professed “guidette,” saying, “It’s disconcerting that [she] could have any sort of influence or be a role model … or advocate something like tanning beds that could cause cancer.”

I doubt kids really look up to Snooki all that much.. or anyone on the Jersey Shore show… hopefully. The only reason these people are celebrities and even have a television show is because they have stupidly ridiculous personalities.. they are vain, carry around suitcases full of hair product, and know how to get trashed and get ratings for it. No one takes these people seriously.

“The notion that these people are celebrities at all gives them credibility they should not have,” said Hicks, adding that the show is “glorifying” behavior that is “silly” and “dangerous.”

“This [show, ‘Jersey Shore,’] is a great example of sheer exploitation for the purpose of chasing ratings,” says Hicks, adding that cast members are “so caricatured, they’re almost like cartoons.”

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