Some Sheepshead Bay Residents Fear New Mosque

All around the world, new mosques are going up and bringing constant terror, hatred, and angry Muslim fundamentalists to otherwise peaceful and loving neighborhoods. That is what one might imagine is the case from the way that a few Sheepshead Bay residents have responded to plans of a new mosque going up in the area.

Here are some quotes from area residents:

Kathy Cash, 38: “There’s a safety issue here. I don’t want my kids walking past it. It’s disgusting, they (Muslims) have no respect.” Obviously Kathy is referring to the countless instances in which disgusting Muslims terrify children and spread hate right from inside their holy place of worship. You know…that happens all the time.

Victor Benari, 61: “My children are scared and I am too, this is a security issue.” Victor is likely referring to the high spikes in crime and hate in neighborhoods where mosques go up. Obviously, anywhere there is a mosque, there are bound to be terrorist attacks….

Allowey Ahmed, the evil mastermind behind this mosque that would undoubtedly be a training camps for Muslim extremists, was disappointed with his neighbors’ reactions. With a community center expected to be a big part of the project, Ahmed said that he hoped he can gain the support of his neighbors of more than thirteen years behind the project.

Though the project has seen a few people opposing the mosque, perhaps the rest of the Sheepshead Bay crowd isn’t as ignorant as Kathy. Perhaps they realize that there a more than one billion Muslims in the world and the people who are extremists or even sympathize with extremists make up a tiny percentage of the population just like the KKK makes up a small percentage of the fundamentalist Christian population.

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