King Won’t Challenge Gillibrand But Ford Might

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

After making a lot of hay about a possible Senate run while Governor David Paterson attempted to pick Hillary Clinton’s replacement a year ago, Long Island Congressman Peter King has decided not to run for the Senate seat. The move is more good news for rookie Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, after former Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced that he wouldn’t run for her seat either a while ago.

Still, while potential Republican challengers continued to drop off, some of her fellow Democrats have been considering seizing the opportunity and challenging that largely unknown Senator in the primaries.

Jumping into the mix this past week was former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford who lost election bid for Tennessee’s Senate seat a few years back in a racially charged campaign. Ford is reportedly considering running for the Senate seat (after having lived in New York for three years) despite Democratic leaders like Charles Schumer pleading with him.

Ford is a very moderate Democrat whose record in the House is not unlike Gillibrand. The overly ambitious politician has a very conservative record but we all know how quickly those morals go out the window when you’re playing to a New York audience rather than a Tennessee audience.

If Ford did decide to challenge Gillibrand, he would most likely instantly become the favorite to win the election. With a lot of television experience behind him and nearly two decades in politics despite being just 39, the charismatic and telegenic Ford could end up being Gillibrand’s worst nightmare (especially since Gillibrand has never ran in a statewide election).

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