City To Turn Into Giant Commune

communeThe Gothamist reports:

“NY is building membership for a city-wide skills share program to encourage service and volunteerism. Participants will ante up their own talents, bike repair, say, and then get a credit to take the lesson of their choosing. The Time Bank, as it’s called, will cover a great range of talents and activities, which, in commune or co-op fashion, will be purchased with its own currency, “time dollars.” What’s next, name tags?

Bloomberg first introduced the Time Bank plan in April 2009, and since then has enrolled over 80 skilled New Yorkers. Actual exchanges won’t begin until the spring, says the NY Daily News. NY’s Time Bank is part of global craze, which in part can be attributed to the job crisis which as left people with pennies in the bank, and time to spare. There’s a social networking angle too: Time Bank members will register and peruse each other’s profiles and connect on the website, says NBC.

Souffle bakers and crocheters step right up, but those with more unsavory skills—alphabet burpers and bong makers, for example—need not apply. City officials insist “participation is safe and that volunteers have to attend an orientation session, be interviewed and provide references.”

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