Facebook CEO: Privacy Is Over

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

It is always a telling sign when the guy who runs a business whose sole purpose is to distribute personal information tells a crowd that privacy online is no longer the social norm. It is even worse when it comes on the heels of the CEO of Google saying essentially the same thing.

It is hard to argue with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, who made the point that with the amount of personal information spread across social networks and blogs, privacy is “no longer the norm.”

Every form that we fill out online, our search histories, our purchasing histories, the porn fetishes we have, and everything else we do online is stored in databases and is all too often disseminated.

Google is a perfect example of the end of internet privacy. Google collects all of your search history and personal information in order to show you ads that will more likely attract you to buy and has also allowed the government to see people’s search histories.

Online privacy doesn’t stand a chance in a country where any privacy is quickly becoming a fading right. Over the past decade, the government has used the “war on terror” to create policies that allow our phones to be tapped, our e-mails and text messages to be read, and even our library records to be collected.

If the first decade of the twenty-first century was any indication of where privacy is headed, it won’t be long before privacy becomes just a word and a dream.

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