Senate May Expel Convicted Monserrate

Monserrate Being Arrested For Assault

Monserrate Being Arrested For Assault

Perhaps justice of some kind will come of the Hiram Monserrate debacle as a special New York Senate committee has recommended that the Senate either censure or expel the “man” who was found guilty on assault charges after a fight with his girlfriend ended with the “Senator” cutting the woman’s face and dragging her through the lobby of his building (a scene brilliantly caught on security cameras).

Sources say that the Senate is likely leaning towards expelling Monserrate although knowing the Senate, anything is possible when there’s that many liars and crooks in the same room at the same time.

The people of New York certainly want to rid themselves of the guy who said he didn’t mean to cut his girlfriend, he was simply bringing her a glass of water and tripped. Right. And then she got a black eye walking into a door and those bruises by slipping down some stairs.

In any case, Monserrate got off seriously light considering the violent nature of his crime but sort of leeway comes easy when you’re a senator. Receiving just probation and a mandatory restraining order that prohibits him from seeing his girlfriend (who wants to get back together with him…seriously).

In any case, if he is expelled, he would be the first member to be expelled in 90 years. Pretty amazing when you consider the people who work there. If he is expelled, he will also challenge the expulsion in court. The irony.

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