Harold Ford Now Supports Gay Marriage

Harold Ford Jr.

Harold Ford Jr.

Much like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand did herself, potential senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. has begun to flip-flop on the views that he held while being a Senator from Tennessee, a more conservative state.

The first in what will unlikely be a string of position reversals was Ford changing up his position on gay marriage, something that he opposed while living in an anti-gay marriage state.

We all know that politicians will say anything to get elected and seeing Gillibrand and Ford attempt to move from the conservative side to mainstream Democrat has exemplified this perfectly.

When David Paterson chose upstate Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Senate, he did so because she was a conservative leaning democrat who represented a conservative leaning district. Since she has been in office, Gillibrand has voted with the party on every single vote while under the tutelage of Senator Chuck Schumer.

While Ford was a Congressman in Tennessee, he not only opposed gay marriage but supported a Constitutional amendment to ban it. He was one of the House Democrats who voted in favor of using force against Iraq, he was one of even fewer Democrats to vote in favor of the Bankruptcy Bill, and is a heavily anti-choice candidate.

Those are only some of the positions that Ford will likely flip-flop on if he decides to go into the race, against the wishes of Governor Paterson, Senator Chuck Schumer, and many others in the party.

Ford has also been working as an executive at Merrill Lynch since losing his Senate bid in Tennessee. Wonder how he will spin that one.

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